Made-to-Order service

 Made-to-Order service



a). Shape of the flag and flag banner:

Different shape of the flag or flag banner pole you can think of  could be produced by us with PARALLEL and TAPERED tubes which both include the profile shape of round, square, oval, hexagonal, double D and any other special shape.

These tubes can be produced in different process like roll wrapping, pultrusion and pullwinding.



The diameter (OD) of the tube varies from 3mm up to 200mm and the longest length(round,straight tube,one section) can be 6000mm according to our existing machine.

Laminates can be varied to increase longitudinal strength or latitudinal strength.

b). Surface finish/color

There is hundreds of different surface finish and color for your choosing.

Flag and Flag banner base.

We are able to produce different shape of iron,steel bases as per custom's Design.If custom could supply sample or drawing,it will helpful for our work,but if it is only an idea,We could help to design and delvelop too.

Some plastic bases,We could make it with our outsourcing factory.